Where the facilities of C.R.I. Pumps are located ?
How to send enquiries for your products ?
What is your normal supply lead time ?
Does C.R.I. produce submersible motors as well ?
How to select a suitable product from your production range to suit the requirement ?
Will the details be provided about installation, operation & maintenance ?
How Do you have motors with Thermal Protector and lightning arrestor ?
Can CRI submersible pumps and motors be coupled with any other pumps and motors ?
What happens if the pump is operated in over / under voltage conditions ?
What could be the reasons if the motor gets over heated while running ?
Is it possible to operate the submersible pump / motor in horizontal position ?
What is the maximum fluid temperature that your pump can withstand ?
What types of fluids that your pumps can handle? (Apart from sewage waste water & Drainage water) ?
What are the accessories and control system you have ?
How to troubleshoot in case of any fault in the product ?
What are the quality certifications CRI products have ?