Coimbatore, 26th February 2015: As the weather turns warmer, the Bangalore launch plans for HVAC pumps are heating up at C.R.I. The HVAC pump series from C.R.I. is a packaged pumping system offering long and short coupled pumps, single and double suction pumps, vertical inlinesingle and multi-stage pumps. Optional motors, wall and floor mounted control panels, manual or automatic system controls and a 24×7 service backup make this pump series one-of-a-kind.

Applying more than half a century of expertise in pump manufacturing, CRI set foot into themanufacture of pumps for the HVAC industry too. Off the 4 series of C.R.I. HVAC pumps, the Horizontal split case pumps (SCW series) andthe Vertical single stage volute pumps(VS series) are now being launched at Bangalore. Some applications for SCW series pumps include cement industry, steel industry, marine, mines, power plants and refineries while those of VS series include water supply systems, industrial recirculation systems, heating and air-conditioning systems.

The series of high performance HVAC pumps from C.R.I. can boast of increased user thermal comfort, improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ), considerable energy efficiency, emission control and cost savings of upto 40%.Top features includeSkid mounted factory tested systems, Customised controls, BMS compatibility, Auto tuned to requirements and Energy efficient system solutions.

Incorporating maximum performance components in the pump offers inherent advantages. Internal-load dominated structures include glazing that has a high cooling index.The auto and manual controls ensure occupant comfort, provide for safe operation of the equipment and in a modern HVAC control system enable judicious use of energy resources.

Wider range of centrifugal pumps like End suction pumps, Vertical inline pumps, Horizontal split-case pumps and Vertical multi-stage inline pumps meet all the needs of HVAC, Hot and cold water circulation with unbeatable efficiency. C.R.I. Pump’s HVAC market offering also includes accessories such as manifolds, differential pressure transducers, sensors and BMS.