CPVC Plumbing Pipes

C.R.I. CPVC(Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes and fittings are the quality plumbing system for carrying hot and cold water comes under the series name “Jalflow Plus”.

These pipes & fittings are manufactured as per the standards of IS15778 & ASTM D 2846 in sizes from½" to 2" and ASTM F 441 for higher diameter pipes (2½" to 4") and ASTM F438 for SCH 40 & ASTM F439 for SCH 80 Fittings.


Plumbing application in buildings l Water distribution mains l Industrial process lines l Swimming pools l Salt water lines l Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation l Sugar, paper and distillery industry l Coal washing and ash handling l Pipes for hand pumps

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