ECP Paper / Pulp & Process Pumps

C.R.I. Pumps market presence is further established with the delivery of yet another launch of powerful pumps – ECP Series.

With a host of positive and impressive features, ECP series augments the extensive range of C.R.I. Pumps. Designed to meet high pumping requirements in terms of performance and efficiency , this range of Paper / Pulp & Process pumps offer 12 different sizes of pumps that are customized to suit the specific applications of the customer. High quality, better efficiency, heavy duty, corrosive and non-corrosive liquors, suspended solids, effluents, vertical and horizontal configuration and prompt pre & post sales services are some of the key features that enhance the utility of ECP series pumps. The assurance of C.R.I. Pumps is reinforced by the commitment delivered through the performance of its new range - ECP series that stands for performance beyond the limits of technology. The unprecedented level of engineering perfection that is designed to meet the burgeoning demands across the world.


Paper & Pulp Process

  • Paper stock and Fibrous Pulp
  • Dewatering & De-inking

Food & Beverage

  • Liquor Distilling & Transfer
  • Corrosive and Non Corrosive Effluents
Mining & Mineral Processing

  • Low Density Slurries & Sludge’s
  • Dewatering

Power Generation & Steel

  • Erosive and Corrosive Liquors
  • Wash Down & Sluicing Applications

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