VS Series

With an eye on the growing market for various types of pumps for different Industrial applications, CRI has developed a wide range of Rugged, Reliable and Efficient Pumps for different applications.

The range is continuously growing with additions to the product portfolio at regular intervals. Industrial Pumps from CRI find applications not only in handling water but different types of fluids in Paper, Process and Pulp industries, Paint, Dyes and Chemical Industries, Mining and Metal Manufacturing Industries, Food & Beverage Industries, Textile industries, Power Industry, Machine Tool Industry apart from General Water supply. All the products can be customized to suit specific application and requirement and is backed by a dedicated State-of-the-Art Greenfield factory. All pumps are tested in a highly sophisticated PLC-SCADA based Test Bed complying with international standards.


  • Heating and Air conditioning system
  • Pressure boosting
  • Cooling system
  • Industrial water supply

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