XLPE Winding Wires

C.R.I. XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) Submersible winding wires are manufactured at its state of art manufacturing facility located near Coimbatore, India. The systems at the manufacturing facility are certified for ISO-9001.


Conductors are drawn from 99.97% pure copper with more than 101% of electrical conductivity,High conductivity and high purity results low voltage drop in wires. This ensures savings of power cost.


Drawn copper wires arePOT annealed to provide high flexibility in copper for easy winding process.


Annealed copper wires are insulated with specially formulated Imported compound which having excellent electrical,mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The wire will withstand high operating temperature of 90⁰C and short circuit temperature of 250⁰C. XLPE material coated over the copper conductor through single line extrusion process and Entire length of the wire being tested with online Spark tester to ensure that there are no weak spots, pinholes, black spots and any other defects in insulation during extrusion.

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