Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility policy
CSR initiative with a mission to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost

C.R.I Charitable trust in association with C.R.I pumps as part of its CSR initiative and with a mission to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost has inaugurated C.R.I Trust Healthcare a state-of-the-art medical centre at Saravanampatti, Coimbatore.


The project has now completed 5 months and till date has offered treatment to over 27,000 patients.

The centre has provided Hi-tech and quality Medical service at low prices and this has greatly benefitted the deserving and downtrodden

To cater to a wider spectrum of patients, doctors from many specializations like Cardiology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology and dentistry, have been enrolled

The diagnostics department is equipped with state-of-the-art X-ray, OPG, ECG, TMT, ECHO & lab services. Centre has the latest Ultrasound scan & Doppler machine with qualified Radiologist and full time experienced radiology technicians  offering quality services

An optical centre within the building caters to all eye wear requirements of patients.

All the above services are made available to the needy on “not for profit basis”

There is a 24-hour pharmacy to take care of all the medicinal requirements of patients.

Opening of the government of India’s Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra is expected to benefit the poor people in the surrounding areas. Quality medicines will now be available to all of them at minimal cost.

Based on a growing demand from the public CRI Healthcare has rolled out an effective and cost-efficient Master Health Checkup (MHC) package which starts from Rs.1,700/-. It is available on prior registration and on a first come first serve basis.

The centre will soon be adding C.T scan, dialysis and blood bank services.

CRI HealthCare envisage a general hospital with in-patient & surgical facilities in the near future. This hospital will function on a non-profit basis for the benefit of people who cannot afford expensive healthcare.

Please make use of the C.R.I Trust Healthcare facilities, Master Health Checkup Packages and also share the availability of these services with your family members, relatives and friends

C.R.I. inaugurated a STEM LAB (Science Technology Electronic & Maths) at Govt High School Saravanampatti

As part of our unique CSR intervention in schools, CRI inaugurated a STEM LAB (Science Technology Electronic & Maths) on 3rd March 2018 at Govt High School Saravanampatti which is one of our adopted school under the School improvement programme of Govt of Tamilnadu in association with Round Table, ladies Circle India & Big Bodhi at a cost outlay of Rs.3 lakh. STEM lab is equipped with latest Robotic equipment’s which actively focusses on student- centered learning environment as it enhances the understanding of Technology & design.

We are to convey that Govt High School, Saravanampatti is the only Govt School in Coimbatore district to have a STEM lab for students. Apart from providing the required infrastructure & equipment’s, we have also appointed a fulltime teacher to train students in robotics in a systematic way.
In India by 2020, 6 of 10 jobs will be related to STEM and our STEM lab will give opportunity to Govt School students to increase their problem solving ability, logical and critical thinking skills and helps develop solutions for challenges and real world problems.

C.R.I Presents the Prestigious “VELANMAI CHEMMAL” AWARD to the outstanding farmers of Tamilnadu
C.R.I as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has instituted an endowment at Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore (TNAU) and every year from the interest accrued from the endowment we in association with TNAU present the prestigious “Velanmai Chemmal Award” to 5 Outstanding Farmers in Tamilnadu who go above and beyond in their commitment with innovative and best practices in agriculture.

This year “Velanmai Chemmal Award” were bestowed to the 5 winning farmers at the Farmers day programme on 10th February 2018 at TNAU campus by Shri.R.Duraikannu, Minister of Agriculture, Shri.S.P.Velumani, Minister for Municipal Administration & Rural development, Dr.K.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor, Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Shri.T.N.Hariharan, I.A.S, District Collector, Coimbatore, Shri.Gagan Singh Bedi, I.A.S Commissioner – Agricultural production & Principal secretary to Govt and Shri.R.Boopathy our Vice President- Mktg in the presence of dignitaries from TNAU and Govt of Tamilnadu. Thousands of farmers across Tamilnadu participated in this programme.

“Velanmai Chemmal Award” presented by C.R.I Pumps carries a Cash Award, Memento and a certificate which were given to the 5 best Farmers who have innovated and developed best agricultural practices in Tamilnadu.

Unique project for the farming community at Karehalli village
CRI implemented a unique project for the farming community at Karehalli village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Please find below a brief report on the same.

About Karehalli village:

This is a small village located in the Soraba Tehsil of Shimoga district in Karnataka. It is situated 7Kms away from the Sub-district headquarter of Sorabha and 27km away from district headquarter of Shimoga. This is a gram Panchayat having a population of around 2300 people. The total geographical area of the village is 405 hectares. This is an agricultural based village and most of them are farmers . Paddy is the principal crop extensively cultivated and the other Crops are Sugarcane, Banana, Coconut etc.

Poor onset of monsoon lead to crop failures:

Due to poor onset of monsoon & rain, for the last 2 years there had been continuous crop failures and farmers of this village were in pathetic condition and were finding it hard to pull on with their day to day life . Even the big pond in the village, which was a good water source at one stage became dry..

CSR initiative :

To address this crisis situation, in order to improve ground water level and to meet day to day utility requirement of villagers, the Gram Sabha decided to pump water from the nearby River Varada and store it in the lake amidst the village. It needed funds and with some local donors like Dr.Viswanath Nadiger & Mr.Ramdas Kamat, they were able to mobilize some funds and still they were short of funds.. at this time through Mr.C.H.Nadiger, Regional Director – EEPC, Govt of India, who is a native of this village, approached our management through our exports team to provide them necessary Pump set and pipe lines through our CSR arm.

Shri.G.Soundararajan, our Vice Chairman, ascertaining the crisis situation of the poor farmers immediately approved this community development project under CSR grant. Our Hubli team then, sprung in to action, they installed our High capacity submersible pump sets to pump water from Varada river and also laid our RPVC pipelines to bring water to the lake in the village. It was a challenging task for our team as the pipelines for a distance of approx 2.5 kms was a sloppy road with ups and down…with sheer expertise and competence, we were able to complete this project at the shortest possible time .

Through this initiative, daily 3 lakh litres of water is pumped from the “Varada” river and supplied to the lake in the village…based on the need of farmers the water is sent to the farm land through existing pipelines in the lake and the whole distribution of water among farmers is monitored by a committee of members appointed by the villagers & the Gram Panchayat.

Dedication of the project to the Village:

This community project was dedicated to the villagers on 24th December 2017 at a function organized by the villagers at Karehalli… Mr.Nagesh Joshi, our Branch Manager – Hubli & Mr.S.Raja, from our CSR team attended the dedication programme . This event was attended by elected members of the Panchayat, Govt officials and a large gathering of villagers of Karehalli and nearby villages.

Mr.C.H.Nadiger, Regional Director – Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), Govt of India, thanked our Vice Chairman and the C.R.I management for supporting this community project which will benefit thousands of farmers in the village to bring back their livelihood. He also requested us to consider providing regular maintenance of this project to make it sustainable in the long run.

Dr.Abdul Rawuf, one of the famous & leading Agriculturist in the state of Karnataka, during his address lauded the efforts taken by our management in this project and told that he was amazed by the water discharge from our pumps and also the technical expertise through which we had laid down the 2.5km pipe line to bring water to the lake from river..

Dr.Mahanth Swamiji, of Samasthan Matt, Jade, blessed our team and during his address, he appreciated the joint effort of the villagers, individual donors and corporate like us which has made way to a novel project which will benefit thousands of farmers in the coming years..

As a part of CSR, CRI has adopted Corporation ward no.28, Saravanampatti and are working towards to make it a model ward (Swachh ward) under Swachh Bharath mission. The primary objective is to create a model Swachh ward by making it open defecation free, open dumping free and open littering free ward. Swachh Ward is a joint initiative in which we along with Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, young social entrepreneurs, Community and Educational institutions are going to work together to create a model ward in the area of general sanitation and solid waste management and emulate the model for replication.

For open defecation free, we have extensively surveyed households and open defecation hot spots. Based on that, we have constructed 100 individual Swachh Bharath Mission toilets in the area of Saravanampatti.

To make the ward Open dumping and littering free, we have provided new segregation enabled push carts and have developed 10 primary root maps for this purpose. Through this the waste generated will be collected in three categories Unhygienic, dry waste and wet waste with the help of Coimbatore City Municipality Workers.

Inauguration of C.R.I Sarojini Creativity Centre
As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Activity, CRI has initiated a Digital classroom and a full-fledged Computer Centre in the name of “C.R.I SAROJINI CREATIVITY CENTRE” at the newly built C.R.I Sarojini Mandapam by Shri K.Gopal Memorial Trust at Thirukkanankudi village in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu.

The facility “C.R.I SAROJINI CREATIVITY CENTRE” was inaugurated by Shri.D.Balasundaram, Trustee – Shri K.Gopal Memorial Trust in the presence of Shri.C.Velumani, our Chairman on 15th July 2017 on the “ Education Development Day” declared by our State Govt.

The Full-fledged computer lab was inaugurated by our Chairman Shri.C.Velumani, in the presence of Shri.D.Balasundaram, dignitaries and local people.

ABOUT THIRUKANNANKUDI: Thirukannankudi is a small village located around 14 Kms from Nagapattinam on the national highway to Thiruvarur. It is famous for Damodara Narayana Perumal Temple & Sivan temple which is one of the 108 Divya Desam and is visited by Pilgrims all over Tamilnadu. This is an agricultural based village and most of them are agricultural labourer’s. The standard of living is poor and the livelihood nature gives them a meager income and most of them are vulnerable to social, health and economic issues.
We have identified many unmet needs of this village in terms of social, economic and educational aspects. To address the needs of these people, we have chalked out some right development initiatives and ensured that these initiatives in longer run becomes sustainable and reaches out to more number of people.

Please find below the list of developmental initiatives implemented in the first phase :

1.COMPUTER CENTER: “Thousands of students in rural India are deprived of the benefits of modern technology, simply because they cannot afford and access to it and also miss the benefits of computer education, which is a vital skill to shape their future. Taking this in to consideration, we have initiated a full-fledged FREE COMPUTER LAB at C.R.I Sarojini Mandapam with 14 computers with LED screens, required hardware & software accessories, computer table, chairs, LCD Projector, internet connectivity, round the clock power backup with UPS. We have also engaged a qualified computer instructor who shall impart computer skills to students based on the prescribed syllabus from 5th std to 8th std initially and later on, it will scaled up to other classes.

2. DIGITAL CLASSROOM: As a first step towards development, we have initiated DIGITAL CLASSROOM/ supplementary education (evening tuition) facility which will improve the academic performance of the students studying from 5th std to 8th std as all the students are studying in Govt Schools, supplementary education is highly vital for their development.

We have recruited highly qualified teachers who will impart quality education to these children through latest audio visual equipment’s. We also have provided steel desk & benches for students to sit, LCD Projector, teaching materials, adequate ventilation & lighting facility and all the students are provided with an educational kit consisting of notebooks, books, geometry box, water bottle & stationary items.

As a unique CSR initiative, C.R.I Pumps in association with Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation have developed a beautiful park in the reserve park site of Chandra Gandhi Nagar Peelamedu, Coimbatore. We have signed an MOU with Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation to develop and further maintain it through the Residents welfare association.

This park is exclusively designed for elders and we have taken adequate steps to address the special needs of elders. The park has been named “HARMONY PARK”.
Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan, I.A.S, Commissioner, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, inaugurated the “HARMONY PARK” on 25th September 2017 at 8.30 AM in the presence of Shri.C.Velumani, our Chairman, Shri.G.Selvaraj, our Joint Managing Director and Smt. Chithra Selvaraj, our Director in a function organized at the park.

Shri.G.Selvaraj, our Joint Managing Director, who spearheaded the development of this unique park, dedicated the “HARMONY PARK” for public use in the presence of Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan, I.A.S, Commissioner, our Chairman, Members of Chandra Gandhi Nagar Welfare association and public.

Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan, during his Chief Guest address lauded the efforts taken by C.R.I Management in various CSR activities like construction of Toilets under Swachh Bharath Mission, adoption of Corporation ward to emulate a model solid waste management system and development of Park in reserve sites of Corporation…During his address he told that he was very much impressed with the park design and conveyed his contentment that our management has taken steps to make it elder friendly..


This park is developed in 25.5 cents of land, we have constructed the compound wall and installed 2 gates one in the main and other at the backside. The entire park site was initially cleared and later on leveling of ground, gravel filling and paver block for walker’s path was laid.

Walkers path for people to go for a walk has been laid in the best possible way and it doesn’t have any steps from the entry to the exit…ramp has been provided from the road to pavered area…planned to provide SS Steel Rails along the walkers path to make elders walk safe and comfortable

    • Walkers path is Wheel chair friendly
    • Seating arrangements: Stone bench has been provided. These benches are comfortable for elders to sit and stand. These stone benches are made of 3 line dressing finish which will give a cool effect even during day time when people sit on it.
    • We have provided trees near all the stone benches and these trees will provide sufficient shade once they grow up
    • Lighting facility: Provided solar lighting in the park which will give sufficient light in the evening hours.

To make the park filled with greenery, 23 types of native saplings, flowering plants , various types of creeper plants and trees have been planted .